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score m4 qual paper target

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In my never ending search for new and exciting targets to shoot up at the range, I stumbled across Champion’s 2012 catalog, chalk full of new paper and reactive
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Does anyone have a downloadable/printable copy of the 25 Meter paper qualification targets the Army uses to qualify soldiers on the M16? I'm not talking about the 25m

score m4 qual paper target

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    score m4 qual paper target

    Army M4 Qualification Standards

    Paper Target M16 Qualification Question. Airsoft Guns - Airsoft Guns |. Army 25m Paper Targets [Archive].
    Army M4 Qualification Card Zombie Targets | The Shooter's Log.
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    I just got back from the range today. For some reason our battalion running the range had trouble getting the pop up target range up and running so we qualified on paper.